Fresh Start Family Law

What’s in a name? At Fresh Start Family Law, we took great care in choosing a name for our firm. Having practiced exclusively in family law for over twenty-five years combined, we joined forces to create something new, exciting, and dynamic. The law is not set in stone; in fact, changes occur every day. We are a family law firm devoted entirely to family law matters involving child custody, child support, divorce, separation agreements, alimony, post separation support, pre nuptial and post nuptial agreements, adoption and domestic violence.  Narrowing our field of representation to family law only affords us the ability to stay abreast of new developments and provide our clients with the most informed, up-to-date representation possible. Our philosophy is that the best way to grow a business is to do what is right for each individual client.

Fresh Start Family Law stands for the principle that everyone needs and deserves a fresh start at some point in their life – sometimes more than once. People move and build new careers. We make changes throughout our lives. Sometimes those changes are in our families, be they marriage, adoption, or divorce. When you are facing a change in your family, a family law attorney at Fresh Start Family Law is here to help.

The approach to separation and divorce does not require a smear campaign between spouses, spending money better used for securing the future and leaving children torn between their parents. While we are prepared to represent our clients in contentious litigation when necessary to protect your rights, it just isn’t necessary in most cases and delays the process of healing, moving on, and experiencing a fresh start in life.

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