Adopting a child is a very serious legal undertaking that requires forethought and an established plan for convincing the state that the permanent placement of a child is indeed a sound decision. Children have special rights before adulthood, and all of them should be considered in any approved adoption. The state typically acts as the child’s legal counsel while the process is being evaluated. What this means for the adopting parents is that experienced and effective legal counsel is always best, because the child becomes the legal responsibility of the parents until age 18. The state of North Carolina takes this legal step very seriously, and having solid representation by the right family law firm in Raleigh, NC like Fresh Start Family Law is the best approach to a successful adoption.

Adoption Approval Factors
There are specific factors the court will assess when considering an adoption approval. Biological connection can be a strong plus, and the state will commonly agree that family is the best route for formal adoption. However, prospective parents who have no background problems and have demonstrated the financial and emotional ability to support a child are always good candidates. And it is not necessary to be a couple for a successful adoption petition approval. The well-being of the child is of utmost concern, and your attorney from Fresh Start Family Law understands this principle very well. Adoption is our primary legal practice, and we pride ourselves on positive results for all families.

Preparing Your Case
All adoption cases typically hinge on being prepared and knowing the process of what documents are needed for the Court. We can collate a positive view of the family and highlight the connections that may already exist for the arrangement. Many families have adopted several children previously and proven that this is a focus for their family. The combination must make sense to the court in many instances, and we know what factors it is evaluating from our practice experience.

When Should a Judgment for Alienation of Affection or Criminal Conversation be Pursued?
It’s important to note that both of these legal claims involve suing the other man or woman for compensation. Only a third party, not your spouse, can be hit with this type of claim. If the person with whom your spouse has been cheating, you may be able to recover financial compensation, but it’s important to discuss for which claim you should seek a judgment by consulting with Raleigh NC family attorneys.

If you are in North Carolina and believe you have a valid claim for alienation of affection or criminal conversation, you need Fresh Start Family Law on your side. The family law firm in Raleigh will help you determine which course of action you should take. Contact Fresh Start Family Law in Raleigh to discuss your case with skilled Raleigh, NC family attorneys today.