Parent Coordination

When you are going through a divorce or are simply engaged in a custody battle over your children, things can become ugly very fast. If you and your ex had a split that was less than amicable, it can be bitter and adversely affect your kids when it comes time to make decisions about them. However, there is a better option in North Carolina that can make things better: parent coordination.

If you choose this option, you are paired with a parenting coordinator. This is a person who can help you and your ex to co-parent in a way that is better for all parties. You can learn from this neutral third party to put aside your anger and resentment and make decisions together about your children. A parenting coordinator is especially helpful when you are going through a very heated custody battle.

Role of a Parenting Coordinator
It’s important to know what the parenting coordinator does for a family. While they don’t make decisions such as which parent will be the primary one to care for the kids, they usually enter the picture after a judge issues a custody order. The parenting coordinator helps each party to resolve any issues between them that involve the children. The lines of communication are open and parents learn how to work together for the sake of their kids.

Situations Made Better with Parent Coordination
Custody cases that are highly contentious are improved with parent coordination. When there is a situation involving anger, distrust, verbal abuse, difficulty communicating, excessive litigation, physical aggression or threats of it or any other condition the judge asserts warrants using a parenting coordinator, the solution can help.

Kathy Lucas as Parent Coordinator
Kathy Lucas is not only an attorney but also a certified Parent Coordinator. Since 2009, she has assisted numerous parents and their children as a Court Appointed Parent Coordinator in Wake, Johnston, and Harnett Counties. Kathy’s approach to her position as Parent Coordinator is not only to assist parents in making a decision when they cannot agree, but also working with parents to gain the tools and understanding of how to best move forward in a positive co-parenting relationship. If you find yourself in need of a Parent Coordinator, please reach out to Kathy Lucas of Fresh Start Family Law to see if she can be an asset to you and your family.