Domestic Violence

North Carolina has both criminal and civil laws relating to domestic violence. Abuse from domestic violence can be physical, emotional, sexual, or even financial in nature. Harassment via all kinds of communication, such as by phone, text message, voicemail, email, or fax, can also encompass domestic violence.

When the act is performed in a way that terrorizes or threatens the victim or a member of their family, it can count as a violation of the state’s civil laws. If a person causes bodily injury or attempts it, commits rape or another sexual offense, or instills fear to the point of creating emotional distress in the victim, it can warrant the victim seeking a protective order from the civil court.

While the majority of domestic violence claims in North Carolina go through criminal court instead of the civil court, a victim of domestic violence does have civil court protections afforded to them, such as a domestic violence protective order. On the other hand, sometimes one is served with a domestic violence protective order but does not feel that domestic violence was committed, or the allegations are simply inaccurate. Whether you find yourself the victim or defendant in a civil domestic violence action, the attorneys at Fresh Start Family Law can assist you in reviewing your case for the best possible outcome.

If you are dealing with a domestic violence situation in North Carolina, you need to have an experienced family law firm on your side. The Raleigh, NC family attorneys will fight hard to protect your rights. Contact Fresh Start Family law immediately to discuss your case.